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January 2013


Sero-discordant Coupling: Looking after each other in Pos-Neg relationships

A Serodiscordant (sero-discordant) or magnetic relationship is one in which one partner is HIV positive and the other is HIV negative. This contrasts with seroconcordant relationships in which both partners are of the same HIV status (i.e. both are HIV positive or both are HIV negative).


Serodiscordant couples face numerous issues not faced by seroconcordant couples, including facing a decision as to what level of sexual activity is comfortable for them, knowing that practicing safer sex reduces but does not eliminate the risk of transmission to the HIV negative partner. There are also potential psychological issues arising out of taking care of a sick partner, and survivor guilt. Financial strains may also be more accentuated as one partner becomes ill and potentially less able or unable to work.


Research involving serodiscordant couples has offered insights into how the virus is passed and how individuals who are HIV positive may be able to reduce the risk of passing the virus to their partner.

Here are some of the most recent information and resources regarding sero-discordant coupling.




Is safe sex for gay men in serodiscordant relationships more than just condoms? (pdf)


There are no stupid questions say, Nurse Pam (pdf)


Small Town Queer: The Meaning of Sex

Sex isn’t just sweat and an exchange of fluids. Sex can mean so much more, or sensationally, so much less.
Sex can mean hello. Firecly fast and unemotional. Dripping with curiosity and the fervor of discovery.
Sex can mean goodbye. One last shot at holding on to ten years of devotion. Silence breaking in where screams once stood. Ten thousand papercuts bleeding out painfully.
Sex can mean I love you. A tooth paste kiss leading to me mounting you on the sink. Your head banging against the mirror, legs wrapped around Me. Hungrily clinging to one another in mad passion that only thought can describe. Your arms needing to hold Me, while my lips must melt into yours.
Sex can mean red hot critical mass. Up like a redwood lasting for hours. Coming once, twice, then three times until you collapse, thoroughly spent and tired. Falling asleep with him still inside you.
Sex can be inapropriate. Vigorous fear of being found out. Knowing what feels right is wrong. If only for the moment, letting yourself go with tactile abandon with the rush of hormonal adrenaline. Forgetting that you are fucking yourself rather than truck number ten thousand.
Sex can remind you that you’re alive. When hands flush and tingle. Fingertips egnighting sparks on skin that erupt into uncontrollable flames.a forest fire as hot as hell telling you that today is all there is. That this world is too much to worry about how you’re surviving in it.
Sex can be a decleration. Announcing to yourself and the great wide universe that you’ll do whatever the fuck you want, when you want to do it. Forget ’em if they can’t handle our kind. Leaving the deniers behind to forge a brave new existence.
Sex can be a dire contradiction. Grinding unabashedly on one thinking of another. The question of who you came scross the one in your bed or the one in your head. Haunting you stiffly