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Choosing Life: Empowerment, Action, Results!

CLEAR is a national evidence-based program focused on empowerment and overall health and wellness for people living with HIV (or their partners).  Rather than feeling stuck or simply taking whatever comes your way (no matter how unsatisfactory), CLEAR is about living the life you’ve chosen for yourself.

Unlike traditional therapy where you talk to a counselor about your problems, CLEAR sessions are more like empowerment and self-improvement workshops.  Some people have compared it to life-coaching.  Sessions are structured with exercises and activities focused on setting and achieving goals, relaxation, communication, having healthy relationships, and managing stressful situations that affect your health.  Clients work on being present in today and improving their futures. 

CLEAR is completely FREE. 


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5 Core Sessions

Dealing With Stressful Situation & People

In CLEAR, you will identify your triggers to help you maintain your composure and act according to who you want to be.

Managing Stress & Relaxation Techniques

Stress is a roadblock to accomplishing your goals. CLEAR provides instructions on various relaxation techniques such as meditation, visualization, and breathing exercises.

Problem Solving

CLEAR will teach you a method for making decisions as well as ways to cope when decisions are laid upon you.

Effective Communication

Being assertive is crucial to becoming your ideal self. In CLEAR, you can practice speaking your mind with shutting down your audience.

Setting Goals For Your Future

The cornerstone of CLEAR is making goals. People who have taken CLEAR are often amazed how much they accomplish in a few short weeks.

Then choose from a menu of topics to work in-depth on more specific areas of your life.

  • Self Care
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Battling Stigma or Homo-Negativity
  • Condom 101
  • Managing Substance Abuse
  • Partnering In Your Healthcare

CLEAR appointments are typically once per week, generally for an hour per session.  

At your first appointment, (after filling out the enrollment paperwork) you and your counselor will get to know each other.  Your counselor will ask basic background information, which may include your recent sexual history.  CLEAR topics revolve around what you bring to the session.  While there are certain sessions that focus on sexual relationships, these are optional sessions that are only offered if you choose them.

CLEAR is a process of self-discovery and is meant to be fun, but many key components may be missed or not fully explored if not given the recommended time allotted to each activity. If you begin CLEAR and find that is not right for you,  just let your counselor know.  There are no commitments.  However, to get its full benefit, it is recommended that you complete the 5 Core Sessions, but this is completely voluntary.




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At CLEAR, the one-on-one workshops are specific to each client’s individual interests and needs.

Individual CLEAR sessions are great for partners to attend separately.  When you and your partner both attend your own individual sessions, you’ll have the freedom to speak openly without fear of your partner’s reaction. 

The materials and positive changes you would like to make are reinforced when you both talk about it at home.  You can support one another in what you’ve learned and the goals you set.  And the communication session is excellent for people in relationships! 

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