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HIV/STI testing and treatment, one-on-one counseling, and referral to supportive services

Programs & Services

Free HIV Testing & STI Screening

Project HIM is an initiative of The Project of Primary Healthcare and offers free, rapid HIV testing for at-risk populations including gay and bisexual men. An HIV test involves a simple finger prick and results can be available in about 15 minutes. During the 15 minute session, the clinician testers at The Project will talk to you about your future goals related to sexual health and offer resources and support to help following the session, regardless of your test result.

You can schedule a test with online or call us at 515-248-1595. All information is kept strictly confidential.

HIV Test

Syphylis Screening

Chlamydia Screening

Gonorrhea Screening

Testing Together

Testing TogetherGetting tested for HIV and STD can be stressful, and telling your partner could be even harder. Testing Together works to makes the process easier!

PrEP Consultation

Truvada-pillPre Exposure Prophylaxis is a once a day medication someone who is known to be HIV negative, but are at a high risk of becoming HIV positive, can take to reduce their risk of becoming HIV positive.


CLEAR is a free one-on-one counseling/workshop for people living with HIV (and their partners). Unlike traditional therapy where you talk to a counselor about your problems, CLEAR sessions are more like empowerment and self-improvement workshops. 

Start with the 5 core sessions, focusing on the following:

Dealing With Stressful Situation & People

In CLEAR, you will identify your triggers to help you maintain your composure and act according to who you want to be

Managing Stress & Relaxation Techniques

Stress is a roadblock to accomplishing your goals. CLEAR provides instructions on various relaxation techniques such as meditation, visualization, and breathing exercises.

Problem Solving

CLEAR will teach you a method for making decisions as well as ways to cope when decisions are laid upon you.

Effective Communication

Being assertive is crucial to becoming your ideal self. In CLEAR, you can practice speaking your mind with shutting down your audience.

Setting Goals For Your Future

The cornerstone of CLEAR is making goals. People who have taken CLEAR are often amazed how much they accomplish in a few short weeks.

Risk Reduction Supply

risk reduction suppliesYou may pick up safer-sex supplies; condoms, lubricants, dental dams, FC2(female condoms), as well as bleach kits at our 1200 University Ave. location. Safer-Sex kits dispensers can be found at the following location: The Blazing Saddle, Buddy’s Corral, The Garden Nightclub, Drake University (Olmsted Building), and Central Iowa Shelter & Services

Treatment & Care

doctor - prep pageShould you require treatment, we can facilitate a warm referral to our community partners, your personal physician, or through Primary Health Care, Inc. (PHC). 

And because we are a part of The Project PHC (formerly AIDS Project of Central Iowa), you can expect a warm hand-off to your medical nurse care manager and/or case manager for your treatment and care management.