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CLEAR TIPS: Finding Your Breath

Can you think of the last time you were very uncomfortable? Perhaps it was in an over-crowded bus or before an important meeting?

You may have noticed some physical changes like sweaty palms, a rapid pulse, or tightness in your chest. This is because during stressful moments our body activates our “Flight or Fight” response. Our body is preparing to run away or to fight, by sending a surge of hormones through our body.

But as we know, it isn’t always helpful for us to be in “Fight or Flight” mode. What can help?

When you notice you’re “activated” by stress, find your breath. Be aware of what it is doing. Just putting our attention on the breath can calm us down. You can take it a step further by slowing the breath down. Take longer, slower breaths that make your belly expand. Exhale slowly. Go ahead, try it.

Take a few minutes to sit comfortably, find your breath and spend some time with it. With practice, finding your breath and taking longer, slower breaths can be a guaranteed stress buster.

For more ways to relax, consider our CLEAR program. CLEAR is a free one-on-one workshop for people living with HIV and the partners of people living with HIV.

For more information about CLEAR, contact: Brandon 515-248-1584 or complete the form below.